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Seed Round Opening

Cropify Smart Classification

Cropify has developed a high performing prototype

and is now seeking expressions of interest from

potential investors to accelerate commercialisation.

Harevst in Australia.jpg

Funding Development

Cropify was founded in 2020.

Development to date has been self funded. Grants received:

  •  Government of South Australia, Department of Primary Industries and Regions

  • Australian Institute of Machine Learning.

Technology Readiness TRL 5

Cropify is currently at TRL 5 and is rapidly approaching TRL 6. 

Technology Readiness Level (TRL) is a measurement system used to assess the maturity level of a particular technology. Read more for further detail.

Camera AI.png
Image by Joey Csunyo

ESIC Approved

The Australian Taxation Office(ATO) has ruled that Cropify is an eligible Early Stage Innovation Company (ESIC). This provides eligible investors that purchase new shares in Cropify with various tax incentives. Find out more by talking to your accountant and through the link provided below.


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